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Polymer & Materials Chemistry  

Organic, Polymer, Materials Chemistry, Nanocomposites, Self-Assembly, Energy Storage & Conversion, Sulfur Utilization, Sulfur Chemistry & Processing, Batteries, Semiconductor nanoparticles, Heterostructured Nanorods, Photocatalysis.

Our research program is focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel polymeric and composite materials, with an emphasis on the control of nanoscale structure. Recent developments in polymer and colloid chemistry offer the synthetic chemist a wide range of tools to prepare well-defined, highly functional building blocks. We seek to synthesize complex materials from a "bottom up" approach via the organization of molecules, polymers and nanoparticles into ordered assemblies.

Control of structure on the molecular, nano- and macroscopic regimes offers the possibility of designing specific properties into materials that are otherwise inaccessible. We are particularly interested in compatabilizing interfaces between organic and inorganic matter as a route to combine the advantageous properties of both components. This research is highly interdisciplinary bridging the areas of physics, engineering and materials science with creative synthetic chemistry.


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